Vermelha do Norte Beach

Praia Vermelha do Norte - Ubatuba - SP/Brasil - foto
Praia Vermelha do Norte - Ubatuba - SP/Brasil

The Northern Red Beach (Praia Vermelha do Norte) of Ubatuba is just over 7 km from the center of Ubatuba, towards Paraty and the unspoiled beaches in the north.

Tumble beach, thick sands and excellent waves for surfing, being one of the most sought after for this sport.

It is at the edge of the highway, having easy access and easy parking.



The beach has no lodging facilities.
But we indicated some establishments very close to the beach:


Thigs to do

Besides the excellent waves, it has one of the most frequented ballads of Ubatuba, the nightclub Areia Summer (former Red Beach Ubatuba).

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How to get there

The eazy access is by km 40 of BR 101 road.

Latitude -23.4170, Longitude -45.0362

Nearby beaches

  • Praia do Alto
  • Saco da Mãe Maria
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