The Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is one of the main tourist attractions of Ubatuba. It has a great historical importance and its forest is preserved by the Anchieta Island State Park (Parque Estadual da Ilha Anchieta).


Attractions and Tours on Anchieta Island

Beches of Anchieta Island Diving of Anchieta Island photo Ruins of Anchieta Island photo Trails of Anchieta Island photo


Here’s how to get there and operators who make the trip to Anchieta Island:


Being very close to the Continent, the access is easy for boats and schooners.

Access is mostly done through Schooners – most companies take a walk that consists of taking passengers to the Island to enjoy all day, and picking up passengers back to the mainland in the late afternoon.

Some include visits accompanied by accredited monitors, which makes the tour much more interesting.


Location of Anchieta Island

Click Clique aqui img to view the island name and see its location.

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