Trails and Ecotourism on Anchieta Island

Trails and Ecotourism on Anchieta Island - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Anchieta Island in Ubatuba (Ilha Anchieta) has trails that constitute an unmissable contact with Mata Atlânticas and its beautiful beaches.

Upon landing on the island, the tourist will find accredited monitors who accompany the groups along these trails; they can only be traversed with their assistance.

Two recommended trails for your tour:


Saco Grande Trail

The walk begins at the beach of the prison and runs through a researcharea and heads towards an old barracks where soldiers and civilians were killed in the rebellion of 1952.

The vegetation is regenerating and occupying the houses of the old military village, bringing back the first inhabitants of the forest.

At the end of the trail we come across a viewpoint of the islands of the region and the open sea.

On sunny days it is possible to spot sea turtles in their natural habitat. On the way back take a shower (Ducha do Maneco) reserved for those who make the tour.


South Beach Trail (Praia do Sul)

The route was already used by fishermen and locals.

Today the trail is documented with carrying capacity and interpretive points of the Atlantic Forest, restinga, legends, stories and great variety of fauna that is source of study for the schools that visit the Park.

In the middle of the trail there is a belvedere overlooking the entire bay of Palmas.

When arriving at the paradisiacal beach, it coexists with traditional fishermen. The South Beach (Praia do Sul) with its crystal clear water and abundant marine life is an invitation for a diving.



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