Best Surfing Beaches

Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photo

Ubatuba is very well known for its surfing beaches!

See below some beaches suitable for the practice of the sport:



Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoStage of the most important competitions of surf of Brazil,
is one of the beaches with the most constant waves of the country,
receives all type of rippling, being the southern ripple that provides the best.
Long straight lines that provide many maneuvers and the river that flows into the right corner produces a channel that more easily leads the surfers beyond the wave surge. Learn more



Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoWaves for more experienced surfers, it breaks preferentially in the left corner and occasionally in the middle of the beach.
In the left corner break perfect and extremely tubular waves, it works with east, in the right corner do not break waves being a suitable place for bathers and children. Learn More



Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoSimilar to Red Center, always with fast and tubular waves, much sought after by surfers, it has infrastructure (restaurant / showers / snacks) and coarse sand.




Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoThe most frequented in Ubatuba, both surfers and swimmers, which in days of very small waves makes surfing difficult. With east curling the best options are more towards the middle of the beach (lifeguard stand), with the south waving the corner of the baguary (left) is the best option, this place is always in demand for the championship of surfing, where the municipal surf school works and the baguary kiosk is the stronghold of the “nose riders” (pioneers of surfing in our city) and is the meeting point of the surfers. Learn more



Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoThe Vermelhinha (popular name) is a tombo beach (sand of the beach is higher than the level of the sea) its waves are dug, fast and tubular and always break very close to the sand. Because it has an irregular bottom and with many depressions is not much appreciated by bathers, in the left corner rolls one of the best waves of Ubatuba (bag of bananas) ripples of east and south are the best. Learn more



Best Surfing Beaches in Ubatuba photoLong, well-maneuverable waves with a few tube sessions inside, the best waves breaking with East and very sharp waves. Waves put all the extension of the beach, being, the right corner the best option in the days of big waves, and the left corner where it joins with the Great Beach a second option with powerful lefts breaking near the stones, known like “Rocky Point”.