One of the most popular tours in Ubatuba are the schooner tours.

You can spend some pleasant hours or a whole day visiting Ubatuba’s beaches and islands by schooner. Departures are from Maranduba Beach, Saco da Ribeira, Enseada, and Itaguá, following several routes.

It is even possible to charter a schooner to spend the whole day out at the sea. Amazing!

You can rent boats at several marinas, with or without a standby seaman. Picture spending one or more days on board of a sailboat, a speedboat, or a yacht, sailing through our paradise beaches and islands!


Get to know two wonderful tours options:

  • Anchieta Island
  • Sete Fontes Beach


Operators who take schooner tours

Schooner Tours

Here we highlight the MAR AZUL TOURISM.

Mar Azul Turismo has schooners for activities and tours such as going to islands (Anchieta Island for example), fishing groups, diving and other options along the coast of Ubatuba.

All tours have specialized monitors.