Schooner tour on Anchieta Island Ubatuba - Naturam photo

One of the most sought after tours in Ubatuba are the schooner tours.

The visit to Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) deserves special mention.

The schooner ride itself is already a delight. The duration is about 30 minutes, with a beautiful view of Anchieta Island and Enseada Bay.



Schooner operators usually include in their program a visit to the Ruins of the Old Prison (Ruínas do Presídio) and the Museum of the Sea (Museu do Mar).

The groups are accompanied by environmental monitors prepared to tell the incredible stories of the island’s past and its importance as an ecological paradise.

And to complete a day of intense leisure, visitors are taken to know some beaches of the Island such as Engenho, Palmas, Sapateiro and Prison, and the island’s natural pool. To access some of them the path can be done by trails in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, tracks that are very light and pleasant.

They are different and exotic beaches, because they are in an area of environmental preservation, protected by the Anchieta Island State Park, which manages the place.



This is a tour that, to be well enjoyed, should be planned in advance.

You should contact the operators to be aware of the offered packages and services.


Operators that make schooner trips in Ubatuba

Among the operators, we highlight the two below that have excellent structure and the best schooners, and can provide you with an excellent service:


Localization map

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