Ruins of the Prison

Ruins of the Prison - Anchieta Island - Ubatuba. Brazil photo

The State Park of Ilha Anchieta  (Parque Estadual da Ilha Anchieta – PEIA) is one of the main historical attractions of Ubatuba.

The historic part of the Island, under the CONDEPHAAT, has more than 2,000 square meters of preserved buildings, along with the ruins of the former Prison, Barracks and Civil Village belonging to the Porto das Palmas Correctional Colony.

Upon landing at Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta), the tourist comes across a museum and the Ruins of the Prison.

In 1945 the Shindo Renmei Group was taken to the Island as political prisoners. It operated as a prison for ordinary prisoners until 1955, when a great prisoner rebellion took place.

On March 29, 1977, through decrees and laws 9,629, the Island becomes the Anchieta Island State Park.

It is an unforgettable tour given the historical richness allied to the natural beauties of Anchieta Island.

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