Ubatuba has a rich gastronomy, there you will find several options of restaurants, ranging from delicious seafood dishes to dishes like “feijoada”! With so many excellent options of places to eat and drink in the city, we have separated for you the best restaurants in Ubatuba:

Raízes Restaurant - Itaguá Beach Ubatuba photo

Raízes Restaurant and Pizzeria

The Raízes Restaurant and Pizzeria is really famous in Ubatuba. It has a first class gastronomy and is located on Itaguá Beach, facing the sea,...
Senzala Restaurant Ubatuba photo

Senzala Restaurant

With over 45 years in Ubatuba, the traditional Senzala Restaurant faces the beautiful Itaguá Bay and it is famous for the excellent pizzas, the...
Rei do Camarão Restaurant - Itagua Beach Ubatuba photo

O Rei do Camarão

The Rei do Camarão (Shrimp King) is one of the best known seafood restaurants in Ubatuba. Specialized in shrimp dishes, it also has fish, pasta...
Anchieta Café Restaurant Ubatuba photo

Anchieta Café

The Anchieta Café is a very successful mix of bar, nightclub, sushi bar, restaurant and pizzeria. With a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere, the Anchieta Café...

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