Prumirim Beach

Praia do Prumirim - Ubatuba - Naturam foto

Prumirim Beach (Praia do Prumirim) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ubatuba.

It has thick yellowish sand with approximately 1000 meters of extension, and in some points is good for surfing.

It’s a quiet beach most of the year.

On the right side where the Prumirim River flows the sea the sea is more agitated, with strong waves. The left corner has huge rocks and has a calm sea.

Excellent tour for those who enjoy the preserved nature and the meeting of the Atlantic Forest with the sea.


Tourism infrastructure

  • It has some restaurants and kiosks by the beach
  • There are some inns on Prumirim beach, as well as some chalets and campgrounds.
  • In the condominium we find many houses for season rentals.


Inns, hotels and lodging

Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • Right in front of the beach you can see the paradisiacal Prumirim Island (Ilha do Prumirim), tourist point that receives many schooners and is very popular for diving. In the right corner of the beach you will usually find boats that will take you to the island, and if you are lucky, you may even see dolphins and turtles.
  • With access by the Rio Santos road it is also worth visiting the Prumirim Waterfall (Cachoeira do Prumirim).
  • In the hinterland of Prumirim (Sertão do Prumirim) there is the Guarani Indigenous Village (Aldeia Indígena Guarani), with access by trail; the visitation is controlled and it is necessary the accompaniment of an accredited monitor.


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How to get there

The entrance is through the condominium, with parking near the beach, or entering through right side towards the campsite.

Latitude -23.3796, Longitude -44.9571


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