Picinguaba Beach

Picinguaba beach - Ubatuba - Naturam foto

Picinguaba Beach (Praia da Picinguaba) is an old fishermen’s village, a Historical Patrimony which can not be changed.

Local fishermen still keep houses, canoes and fishing artifacts with their original features.

Calm waters, point of departure and arrival of boats, surrounded by islands.

Its dark sand makes a perfect match to the calm emerald-green sea.

When visiting the village, take the opportunity to try fresh fish and seafood, like mussels and scallops, grown by the local fishermen.

In Picinguaba we find good inns, bars and restaurants.

The Picinguaba Beach is part of the Picinguaba Nucleus (Núcleo Picinguaba), Serra do Mar State Park (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar) – ecosystems protection entity.


Boat ride to the Couves Island (Cabbage Island)

On the beach you will find options for excursions to the Couves Island (Ilha das Couves) – boats will take you to the island and you can settle the time that the boat will pick you up.

The tour costs around 40 reais per person by the Association of Boatmen and Fishermen of Picinguaba – ABPP (information April 2018).

The island has a kiosk that serves food, portions and drinks. Only not allowed: barbecue, camping and animals.

Remember to bring your trash back to the mainland.


Inns, hotels and other lodgin

Naturam indicates the establishments below:


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How to get there

Latitude -23.3763, Longitude -44.8389


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