Bar, dance club and nightlife. Ubatuba don’t stop at night, see here leisure options like bars, nightclubs and more!

Anchieta Café Restaurant Ubatuba photo

Anchieta Café

The Anchieta Café is a very successful mix of bar, nightclub, sushi bar, restaurant and pizzeria. With a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere, the Anchieta Café...
180º Nightclub Ubatuba photo

180º Nightclub Ubatuba

The 180º Ubatuba is a nightclub located in the center of the city, more precisely in Matarazzo beach (Prainha do Matarazzo). Its concept involves the...
Guarani Street photo

Guarani Street

Guarani Street, most successful point of Ubatuba. There you will find the Ubatuba Aquarium, beachwear shops, inns, handicraft shops, bars, restaurants...

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