Itagua Beach

Itagua Beach - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Itaguá Beach (Praia do Itaguá) is located in the urban zone of Ubatuba, very close to the center.

Although it is not a beach for bathing, it is a beautiful beach. It is the famous beach of the boardwalk, all wooded, where people like to walk and run or ride a bicycle in front of the beautiful view of Itaguá Bay.

Itaguá is also known as the place where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses.

The beach has all kinds of commerce, large supermarkets, a good network of services, hospital and clinics of all specialties.

The Ubatuba Bus Station is also very close.

In addition to the large number of accommodations of all kinds and the ease of being close to the structure of the urban center, many choose Itaguá because it is close to famous beaches such as Tenório, Praia Grande, Vermelha do Centro and also because it has easy exit to the beautiful northern beaches like Itamambuca, Felix, Prumirim and others.


Things to do

It has a bike lane, and several kiosks by the sea where people gather for a cold drink and some delicious seafood portions.

The Itaguá Beach is bordered by Leovigildo Dias Vieira Avenue, which follows the charming Guarani Street (Rua Guarani).

In these two routes that surround the beach you will find the best attractions for the tourist:

  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Coffe shop
  • Bars
  • Ice cream shop
  • A bustling nightlife
  • Several inns in hotels facing the sea
  • Aquarium of Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Tamar base project
  • Several points of sale and exits of schooner trips to the Anchieta and Prumirim Islands and other itineraries
  • A beach fashion trade
  • Handicraft
  • …and much more.

It has place to park the car.


Inns, hotels and other accommodations

The Itaguá beach has several lodging options. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


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