Iperoig Beach (or Cruzeiro)

Iperoig Beach (or Cruzeiro) Ubatuba Brazil photo

The Iperoig Beach (Praia do Iperoig) also known as “Cruzeiro”, has many importante historical events took place there, such as the “Tamoio’s Confederation” and the “Iperoig’s Armistice”.

The beach sand once received the “Poem to the Virgin”, written by the Jesuit José de Anchieta, and because of it, there is a statue of the priest at that place.

The beach offers excellent tourist and comercial infrastructure.

It is not a beach for swimming. So its attractions are not on the beach itself, but on the trade we found on Iperoig Avenue (Avenida Iperoig).


Tourist infrascture

The Iperoig Beach is bordered by one of the most famous avenues of Ubatuba, Iperoig Avenue.

What stands out most in Iperoig Avenue is the gastronomy, with several bars, restaurants, and ice cream shops.

The center also has a selection of great inns, hotels and hostels in Ubatuba.


Things to do

  • You can go to the Fish Market where you can buy fresh fish and seafood.
  • A great walk for the night is to visit the largest fair of Ubatuba, located at the end of Iperoig Avenue, with craft stalls and much more.
  • Although not a beach for swimming, Iperoig beach has a beautiful look, so taking a walk on the boardwalk or sitting on a stool to watch the waves can be extremely enjoyable.

Be aware that most places speak only Portuguese.


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