Anchieta Island Beaches

Beaches of Anchieta Island: Anchieta Island in Ubatuba, has beautiful beaches, many practically deserted, that can be accessed by trail or boat. It is very common to practice diving on the beaches. It’s an incredible ride in a place full of history and natural beauty.

Grande Beach - Anchieta Island - Ubatuba - Naturam foto

Big Beach Anchieta Island

Big Beach, Anchieta Island - Ubatuba: it has a very calm sea, suitable for boats. For those who enjoy tranquility in contact with nature and the Atlantic..
East Beach - Anchieta Island - Ubatuba - Naturam photo

East Beach – Anchieta Island

The East Beach (Praia do Leste) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is a small beach, and like all of the Island, it has clear...
Presidio Beach - Anchieta Island - Ubatuba - Naturam photo

Presídio Beach – Anchieta Island

At Presídio Beach (Praia do Presídio) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta), there is the landing pier of most of the schooner trips that arrive...
South Beach - Anchieta Island - Ubatuba - Naturam photo

South Beach – Anchieta Island

South Beach of Ilha Anchieta - Ubatuba: Quite sought after by tourists for having clear waters and always with great visibility, good for diving, snorkeling

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