How to get to Anchieta Island

The main way to visit Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is by schooner.

In Saco da Ribeira and Enseada Beach (Praia da Enseada) there are several companies that make the schooner trips to Ilha Anchieta.

In the link below you will find tips on the top companies that make the schooner tour, itineraries and contact forms for you to plan your tour in advance:


Rules for visitors

We must never forget that the environment of the Island is preserved by state laws and by the Anchieta Island State Park. To make a good tour, some important observations:

  • Both fishing and hunting are prohibited on Anchieta Island;
  • When making the trails or going to the beaches, keep in mind the basic rules of protecting the environment: do not leave garbage in the places, do not interfere with the plants and animals of the Island;
  • For a safe and profitable visit, always look for specialized monitors, especially for the tracks, which can only be done with the accompaniment of accredited monitors found on the Island itself.


Administrative Headquarters



  • Days and hours of operation: from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.
    Closed on Wednesdays for maintenance