Praia Grande (Big Beach)

Praia Grande (Big Beach) - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Praia Grande (Big Beach, in english) is one of the most sought after beaches in Ubatuba, excellent for those looking for a bit more excitement. It measures about 1,800 meters and is close to the urban center of Ubatuba.

It has fine sand, good for bathing and sunbathing, as well as for surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up.

For surfing, the best waves are on the left side, especially in fall / winter. In the middle of the beach, a lifeguard station guarantees the safety of bathers.

Praia Grande is frequented by a very varied public: families in search of a happy beach for sunbathing and bathing in the sea, people with sports spirit in search of good waves and for those who enjoy the seafront kiosks for a cold drink, snacks and seafood.


Tourism infrastructure

Due its proximity to the city center, it has excellent tourism infrastructure, and also has some of the best hotels and inns in Ubatuba.

It has excellent kiosks and beach bars all along its waterfront, and a good restaurant on the left side of the beach.

In addition, it also has other restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, real estate, gas stations, newsstands and other commercial establishments.


Inns, hotels ans lodging

Praia Grande has excellent accommodations. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • Get to know its neighboring beaches, the well-known Tenório beach (Praia do Tenório)  on the left side, and Toninhas beach (Praia das Toninhas) on the right side.
  • Near Praia Grande there are two great tours options: the Ubatuba Aquarium and the Tamar Base Project.
  • Surfing and stand up paddle: There are options for surfboard rentals.


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