Fazenda Beach

Fazenda Beach - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Fazenda Beach (Praia da Fazenda) has well compacted sands and excellent waters for bathing.

It is a preserved and practically pristine beach, with a low frequency of public, which attracts people in search of nature and peace.

The appreciation of the meeting of the Atlantic Forest with the Sea is the highlight of this tour.

Because it is a beach that is inserted in a preserveted environment region, there is no commerce, so it is advisable to bring snacks, drinks, insect repellent and other important items to enjoy all day this beautiful region.


Tourism infrastructure

  • Parking: At the entrance to the beach, just after the road, there is a parking lot.
  • Showers: it has showers for the visitors, with voluntary contribution to preserve the place.
  • There is no commerce.
  • Lodging: There are also no hotels, inns and other types of lodging, only a local Camping. You can choose to stay in a hotel or inns in the northern region of Ubatuba. See options here 


Things to do

Perfect beach for walking and practicing various types of sports.

On the left side of the beach we find a rich mangrove swamp and the Fazenda and Picinguaba rivers. Soon after, Bicas Beach (Praia das Bicas).

On the right side there is an access to the trail to Brava da Almada beach.

We also recommend a visit to Casa da Farinha, located in the Sertão da Fazenda, on the opposite side of the beach in relation to the road, with access by a secondary road just in front of the entrance to the beach.


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How to get to Fazenda Beach

Latitude -23.3601, Longitude -44.8563


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