Sustainable tourism – respect for the environment

With over 80% of its territory comprised of protected and preserved Atlantic Forest, Ubatuba becomes an important city for tourists seeking ecological tourism activities.


This preserved stretch of the north coast of São Paulo has an intriguing feature: it is one of the rare spots in Brazil where the preserved Atlantic Forest meets the Atlantic Ocean, creating a unique environment.


To preserve what was left of this ecosystem, the State Park of Serra do Mar was created in 1977.

In Ubatuba the control of the Park is carried out by Núcleo Picinguaba.



The Atlantic Forest provides tourists with several trails in Ubatuba, from which they are suitable for people of any age (in an activity of contemplation of nature), to the trails that are true adventures and should only be done in the presence of specialized monitors and experienced and well-trained people.



And within this rainforest, the nature lover can find several types of waterfalls in Ubatuba.

Nothing like a bath in the waterfall to wash the soul.

Ubatuba is filled with beautiful waterfalls, many of which have delicious swimming pools and are still easily accessible.


Tourism agency specialized in ecotourism


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Naturam indicates Ecotuba for you to make incredible nature walks.

The Ecotuba offers tours of all types and for all tastes.

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Hotels and inns that make nature walks


Itamambuca Eco Resort

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At Itamambuca Eco Resort you will find dozens of leisure options integrated with nature.

The Resort has the Tangará Eco Lazer, space for you to schedule your activities as:

Extreme sports such as surfing lessons, trails, scuba diving, bike rides and more.

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