Diving spots

Diving spots in Ubatuba photo

Ubatuba has some of the best diving spots in Brazil, including the famous Anchieta Island spot, which is sought after by divers from all over the country.

Practitioners of underwater photography find in Ubatuba excellent spots with varied faunas and marine floras, such as Anchieta Island, Couves Island and many others.


Anchieta Island

Anchieta Island was transformed into a State Park in 1977. Since then, any type of fishing, including underwater hunting, is prohibited.

Over the years nature has been recreating the fauna and flora, and today divers find shells, gorgonians, fish such as Ciliares, Garoupas, Badejinhos (Mira), Tricolores, Sea Horses, Schools of Fish Pigs (Lancet), Gudiões, Rias (Cheetah and Butter), Sea Bass, Frades (meek and curious approach to divers) and others.

The sea is calm and sheltered from the winds and brave sea, except from outside the island, which in the summer provides excellent dives.

Great spot for divers, diving schools, photographers, cameramen and even for those who want good fun using only a pair of fins, a mask and snorkel.



Vitória Island

The Island of Vitoria (Ilha da Vitória) actually comprises 3 islands: the Pescadores Island, where there is a passage between it and the Grande Island (forming the “V” of Vitoria).

The smallest of all is the Gaivotas Island, whitish colored by the accumulation of excrement of seagulls, and is therefore nicknamed “Cagadinha”. This is also a great place for dives with an average depth of 25 meters.