Diving on Anchieta Island

Diving on Anchieta Island - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is considered one of the best diving spots in Brazil. Protected by the Anchieta Island State Park (Parque Estadual da Ilha Anchieta), hunting and fishing are prohibited.

However, the contemplative dive is released, and the wealth of fauna, flora and large fish of passage allow a beautiful trip through the underwater world, much sought after by photographers for underwater photos.

The depth varies between 3 and 12 meters and the average water temperature is between 20°C and 28°C. In the summer, there are usually falls in temperature, reaching up to 15°C.

Therefore, the use of 5mm isothermal clothing is recommended year-round.

The visibility varies greatly depending on currents and climatic conditions, ranging from 2 to 10 meters.

Fauna and flora are abundant, being able to observe brain corals, sponges, algae, turtles, buddies, stingrays, groupers, whiting and colored fish, mainly in the South Point (Ponta Sul).


Diving Points:

Ponta do Calhau
Depth: 5 to 7 meters
GPS: 23o 33’08.92”S / 45o 04’51.28”W

Praia do Leste – Toca da Tartaruga
Depth: 4 to 10 meters
Water temperature: Summer- from 17 C to 27ºC / Winter: 19°C to 23°C
Visibility Variation: 3 10 15 meters
GPS: 23o 32’ 02.82” S / 45o 02’35.47”W

Praia do Sul
Depth: 4 to 8 meters
It is one of the most sought after spots for beginners or to check out.
GPS: 23o 32’50.54” S / 45o 04’45.61”W

Praia do Leste – Estátua de Jean Jacques Cousteau
Depth: 3 to 12 meters
This beach houses the life-size statue of French diver and scientist Jean Jacques Cousteau – put on the spot by the Ubatuba Dive Operators Association on November 15, 1997.
GPS: 23o 31’ 58.69” S / 45o 02”41.79” W

Ilhote Sul
Depth: 6 to 18 meters
It is one of the best points of the archipelago.
GPS: 23o 33’44.69”S / 45o 04’43.63”W

Pedra Miúda
Depth: 6 to 14 meters
Ground conditions: sheltered from the winds of SE and E
GPS: 23o 32’ 22.74” S / 45o 04’ 57.07” W

Pedra do Navio
Depth: 6 to 10 meters
Ground conditions: sheltered from the winds of S and SW
GPS: 23o 31’ 40.64” S / 45o 03’11.91” W

Enseada das Palmas – Saco dos Ventos
Depth: 4 to 6 meters
Ground conditions: sheltered from the SW winds
GPS: 23o 31’ 42.08” S / 45o 04’ 40.67” W

Saco da Aroeira
Depth: 4 to 8 meters
Ground conditions: sheltered from the winds of SE and E
GPS: 23o 32’ 06.31”S / 45o 04’ 54.28” W

See the macro photo gallery below for examples of the wide variety of underwater life on Anchieta Island, recorded by award-winning photographer Delmar Corrêa.