The Birdwatching has attracted more and more fans in Brazil and around the world, and Ubatuba has one of the largest diversity of birds in Brazil.

There are more than 500 species, counted among the 1,800 more easily seen in the country. It is common to see rare birds, amazingly colorful, showing curious behavior and startling singing.

Due to this fact, Ubatuba annually stages “Ubatuba Birds”, an event that gathers bird watchers from many places around the world.

The bird watching is intended to observe birds closely, to photograph, to witness their behavior and to listen to their singing.

The Atlantic Forest is home to the world’s largest biodiversity, guarantees water supply to 120 million people, protects the stability of the slopes, contributes to climate balance and is one of the five most endangered natural areas on the planet.

Currently only 7% of its original territory remains and the largest continuous territory of Atlantic Forest is in the state of São Paulo.

Whether due to real estate speculation or anthropic pressure, this immense environmental, historical and cultural heritage suffers constant and inevitable threats.

The Atlantic Forest occupies more than 90% of Ubatuba area.

Come to know this wealth and immense environmental heritage.


Companies that support the Birdwatching in Ubatuba, and facilitate to the Tourist the knowledge of this activity:


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