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Ubatuba, BR

UBATUBA: Praias, Pousadas e Passeios

Senzala Restaurant

Senzala Restaurant Ubatuba photo

With over 45 years in Ubatuba, the traditional Senzala Restaurant faces the beautiful Itaguá Bay and it is famous for the excellent pizzas, the shrimp dishes and the “feijoada”.

An exotic wine wist and a large selection of national and imported beers are at your disposal.

The Senzala Restaurant is divided into 4 charming surroundings:


A small taste of the restaurant’s delicious dishes:


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O Rei do Camarão

Rei do Camarão Restaurant - Itagua Beach Ubatuba photo

The Rei do Camarão (Shrimp King) is one of the best known seafood restaurants in Ubatuba.

Specialized in shrimp dishes, it also has fish, pasta and a delicious “feijoada” on saturdays, as well as a good menu of craft beer and wines.

For over 20 years being a reference on the coast, the house has been consecrated with dishes that are today unanimous among the customers.

The place also has ample parking, bathrooms with accessibility and air-conditioned environment, besides a serious, attentive staff, willing to make your visit even more pleasant.

Located on the Itaguá Avenue and next to the charming Guarani Street.

The King of Shrimp is an obligatory stop for those who want to enjoy the true local gastronomic experience.



  • Open all days
  • Specialized in seafood
  • Have a wine list
  • Has craft beer


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Almada Beach

Almada Beach Ubatuba photo

The Almada beach (Praia da Almada) is a small reserved beach, a really good option to go with the family.

It has white sand and calm sea, almost a swimming pool.

Great beach for children since it also has good infrastructure.

Besides the good tourist infrastructure, it keeps the characteristic of a fishermen village, with lush vegetation and calm, green waters.

It is a beach with breathtaking scenery, surrounded by nature. The road itself to reach the beach presents with breathtaking visuals.

The local community tries to make people environmentally conscious, by keeping the beach clean. It possible to go on a Almada Beach, ideal for surfing.


Table of contents:


Tourist infrastructure

  • Near the beach there are free and paid parking. Paid parking lots are administered by a local Association.
  • It has some charming chalets, small inns and houses for rent.
  • It has good restaurants and beach bars serving a fresh and traditional food. Some offer bathrooms and showers.


Inn and Hotels

We indicate the charming little chalets facing the sea:


Things to do in Praia da Almada

  • We are also recommend to visit Engenho Beach (Praia do Engenho), accessed by a staircase at the end of Almada on the left side. It is an easy and tranquil way to go, only a few steps crossing the rocks that separates the two beaches.
  • If you have a more adventurous spirit you can also visit Praia Brava da Almada, accessed by a trail that starts more or less in the middle of Engenho Beach.
  • Every year, in July, it hosts the traditional Shrimp Festival.


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Shrimp Festival Photos 2016


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Nearby beaches

Cedro Beach

Cedro Beach Ubatuba photo

The Cedro Beach (Praia do Cedro) also known as “Cedrinho”, is a tiny bealtiful beach located on the north side of Ponta Grossa.

Beach of thick sands, a beautiful sea of a dark green, calm as a swimming pool, with the presence of fishing community.

Ideal for diving – fish and other marine life animals are easily seen there..

Uncrowded in low season.



It’s a very quiet trail.

The way can take from 10 to 15 min.

The trail is quite wide, short and reasonably steep.



Cedro beach houses a beach bar that offers a chairs and table, as well as offering delicious food and drinks to help you spend the day at the beach.

There it is also possible to rent kayaks and boards from stand up paddle.


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How to get to Cedro Beach

In order to get to Cedro Beach, you have to pass trough the Tenório and Vermelha do Centro Beaches, driving on a dirt road untill getting to a wood of cedars (where the beach’s name comes from) that leads to a small trail to Cedrinho’s Beach.

It is possible to park the car in the street.

In high season the place can get crowded, so we recommend getting there early.

Latitude -23.4595, Longitude -45.0348

Nearby beaches

Iperoig Beach (or Cruzeiro)

Iperoig Beach (or Cruzeiro) Ubatuba Brazil photo

The Iperoig Beach (Praia do Iperoig) also known as “Cruzeiro”, has many importante historical events took place there, such as the “Tamoio’s Confederation” and the “Iperoig’s Armistice”.

The beach sand once received the “Poem to the Virgin”, written by the Jesuit José de Anchieta, and because of it, there is a statue of the priest at that place.

The beach offers excellent tourist and comercial infrastructure.

It is not a beach for swimming. So its attractions are not on the beach itself, but on the trade we found on Iperoig Avenue (Avenida Iperoig).


Tourist infrascture

The Iperoig Beach is bordered by one of the most famous avenues of Ubatuba, Iperoig Avenue.

What stands out most in Iperoig Avenue is the gastronomy, with several bars, restaurants, and ice cream shops.

The center also has a selection of great inns, hotels and hostels in Ubatuba.


Things to do

  • You can go to the Fish Market where you can buy fresh fish and seafood.
  • A great walk for the night is to visit the largest fair of Ubatuba, located at the end of Iperoig Avenue, with craft stalls and much more.
  • Although not a beach for swimming, Iperoig beach has a beautiful look, so taking a walk on the boardwalk or sitting on a stool to watch the waves can be extremely enjoyable.

Be aware that most places speak only Portuguese.


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Nearby beaches

Fazenda Beach

Fazenda Beach - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Fazenda Beach (Praia da Fazenda) has well compacted sands and excellent waters for bathing.

It is a preserved and practically pristine beach, with a low frequency of public, which attracts people in search of nature and peace.

The appreciation of the meeting of the Atlantic Forest with the Sea is the highlight of this tour.

Because it is a beach that is inserted in a preserveted environment region, there is no commerce, so it is advisable to bring snacks, drinks, insect repellent and other important items to enjoy all day this beautiful region.


Tourism infrastructure

  • Parking: At the entrance to the beach, just after the road, there is a parking lot.
  • Showers: it has showers for the visitors, with voluntary contribution to preserve the place.
  • There is no commerce.
  • Lodging: There are also no hotels, inns and other types of lodging, only a local Camping. You can choose to stay in a hotel or inns in the northern region of Ubatuba. See options here 


Things to do

Perfect beach for walking and practicing various types of sports.

On the left side of the beach we find a rich mangrove swamp and the Fazenda and Picinguaba rivers. Soon after, Bicas Beach (Praia das Bicas).

On the right side there is an access to the trail to Brava da Almada beach.

We also recommend a visit to Casa da Farinha, located in the Sertão da Fazenda, on the opposite side of the beach in relation to the road, with access by a secondary road just in front of the entrance to the beach.


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How to get to Fazenda Beach

Latitude -23.3601, Longitude -44.8563


Nearby beaches

Felix Beach

Felix Beach - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

Felix Beach (Praia do Félix) is located on the North Coast of Ubatuba.

It’s a beautiful reserved beach, quiet in low season, but it usually get crowded in high season – so we recommend getting there early..

It has easy access through a condominium of free access.

Its left side, a tumble área, is ideal for surfers because of the heavy waves; on the other hand, the right side is ideal for a relaxing bath, due to the calm waters, also perfect for children, not mentioning the shaded waterfront.


Tourism infrastructure

  • Has place to park the car (blue zone)
  • Has some stalls of food


Inns, Hotels and other lodgings

There are great lodgings on Félix beach. We indicate:

  • Pousada Bawa
  • Pousada Rose
  • Pousada Recanto do Tangará
  • Chalés do Félix


Things to do

  • From Felix Beach we can access two other beaches by trail:
    – on the right side goes to Prainha do Português, good for diving
    – on the left side the trail goes to Praia das Conchas.
  • On the way to Félix Beach there is belvedere, overlooking Felix Beach itself and other beaches, islands and slabs. A really beautiful look.


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How to get to Félix Beach

The access is by km 33 of BR 101 road, before the Highway Patrol station.

The entrance is by the gate of the condominium Cachoeira do Sobrado, with free passage.


Nearby beaches

Praia Grande (Big Beach)

Praia Grande (Big Beach) - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Praia Grande (Big Beach, in english) is one of the most sought after beaches in Ubatuba, excellent for those looking for a bit more excitement. It measures about 1,800 meters and is close to the urban center of Ubatuba.

It has fine sand, good for bathing and sunbathing, as well as for surfing, bodyboarding and stand-up.

For surfing, the best waves are on the left side, especially in fall / winter. In the middle of the beach, a lifeguard station guarantees the safety of bathers.

Praia Grande is frequented by a very varied public: families in search of a happy beach for sunbathing and bathing in the sea, people with sports spirit in search of good waves and for those who enjoy the seafront kiosks for a cold drink, snacks and seafood.


Tourism infrastructure

Due its proximity to the city center, it has excellent tourism infrastructure, and also has some of the best hotels and inns in Ubatuba.

It has excellent kiosks and beach bars all along its waterfront, and a good restaurant on the left side of the beach.

In addition, it also has other restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, real estate, gas stations, newsstands and other commercial establishments.


Inns, hotels ans lodging

Praia Grande has excellent accommodations. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • Get to know its neighboring beaches, the well-known Tenório beach (Praia do Tenório)  on the left side, and Toninhas beach (Praia das Toninhas) on the right side.
  • Near Praia Grande there are two great tours options: the Ubatuba Aquarium and the Tamar Base Project.
  • Surfing and stand up paddle: There are options for surfboard rentals.


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Nearby beaches

Itagua Beach

Itagua Beach - Ubatuba, Brazil photo

The Itaguá Beach (Praia do Itaguá) is located in the urban zone of Ubatuba, very close to the center.

Although it is not a beach for bathing, it is a beautiful beach. It is the famous beach of the boardwalk, all wooded, where people like to walk and run or ride a bicycle in front of the beautiful view of Itaguá Bay.

Itaguá is also known as the place where the Tropic of Capricorn crosses.

The beach has all kinds of commerce, large supermarkets, a good network of services, hospital and clinics of all specialties.

The Ubatuba Bus Station is also very close.

In addition to the large number of accommodations of all kinds and the ease of being close to the structure of the urban center, many choose Itaguá because it is close to famous beaches such as Tenório, Praia Grande, Vermelha do Centro and also because it has easy exit to the beautiful northern beaches like Itamambuca, Felix, Prumirim and others.


Things to do

It has a bike lane, and several kiosks by the sea where people gather for a cold drink and some delicious seafood portions.

The Itaguá Beach is bordered by Leovigildo Dias Vieira Avenue, which follows the charming Guarani Street (Rua Guarani).

In these two routes that surround the beach you will find the best attractions for the tourist:

  • Restaurants
  • Malls
  • Coffe shop
  • Bars
  • Ice cream shop
  • A bustling nightlife
  • Several inns in hotels facing the sea
  • Aquarium of Ubatuba
  • Ubatuba Tamar base project
  • Several points of sale and exits of schooner trips to the Anchieta and Prumirim Islands and other itineraries
  • A beach fashion trade
  • Handicraft
  • …and much more.

It has place to park the car.


Inns, hotels and other accommodations

The Itaguá beach has several lodging options. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


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How to get to Itaguá


Nearby beaches

Itamambuca Beach

Itamambuca is located in the north of Ubatuba. It is a wonderful beach surrounded by the exuberant nature of the Atlantic Forest.

The beach is famous for its excellent waves for Surfing, it is considered one of the top 100 beaches for surfing in the world, stage of countless championships of national and international level.

The Itamambuca River is located in the right corner of the beach, where it is very common to practice stand up paddle.

The access is by dirt roads, through free access condominium.


Tourism infrastructure

  • Kiosks and beach bars: On the beach you find some places that offers a variety of dishes and portions.
  • Restaurantes e comércio: Possui também alguns restaurantes e um comércio suficiente para esta praia, com pequenos supermercados e mercearias, padarias e outros estabelecimentos.


Inns, Hotels and lodging

Hosting in Itamambuca was developed by taking into account the beach preservation and the identity with nature.

We recommend a unique resort located on the beach of Itamambuca, the Itamambuca Eco Resort. This is one of the largest resorts on the coast of São Paulo, offering a quality service, as well as being an establishment that cares about the sustainability of the environment.

Meet the Itamambuca Eco Resort


Things to do

  • Enjoy nature walks: hiking and trails, bird watching, canoeing by the region’s rivers, as well as beautiful waterfalls in the conservation area of State Park of Serra do Mar (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar)
  • Surfing and stand up paddle: There are options for surfboard rentals. The stand up paddle is practiced on the right side of the beach, on the Itamambuca River.


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How to get there

Nearby beaches

  • Praia Vermelha do Norte
  • Praia do Alto
  • Praia do Félix
  • Praia do Lúcio ou Conchas
  • Praia do Prumirim
  • Praia do Puruba

Lazaro Beach

Lázaro Beach (Praia do Lázaro) is very popular with families, has fine and firm sands, calm and crystalline sea overlooking the famous Corcovado Peak.

The trees on the beach provide a refreshing shade.

For most of the year it is a very quiet beach, but usually gets very crowded in high season, it is recommended to arrive early.


Tourism infrastructure

  • It has one of the best Ubatuba hosting networks.
  • It has several kiosks and beach bars, some of them with bathrooms.
  • It has paid parking.


Inns, Hotels and lodging

The hotels in Lázaro Beach are famous and have great tradition of good lodging.

We indicate the Hotel Saveiros, located a few meters from the beach and with a complete leisure structure.


Photo gallery


How to get there

Nearby beaches

  • Praia Domingas Dias
  • Praia da Sununga
  • Praia Saco da Ribeira

Maranduba beach

Leaving Caraguatatuba, this is the first beach of Ubatuba with direct access by the highway. It is one of the most famous and visited beaches in the city.

Beach with 2 km of extension, the Maranduba Beach together with Sapê and Lagoinha beaches (to its left) forms one of the largest continuous shores of Ubatuba, with about 7 km of extension.

It is very appreciated by families since it is excellent for swimming due its calm waters, good for bathing and diving.

The beach also has a beautiful view of Maranduba and Pontal islands.


Tourism infrastructure

  • It has several kiosks.
  • Maranduba has an excellent structure, with a good network of inns, hotels, chalets, apartments and other types of accommodation.
  • It also has many shopping, shops and restaurants options.
  • There are places to stop the car, with blue zone.


Inns, hotels and lodging

Maranduba Beach has several lodging options. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • Well worth the visit to the Nossa Senhora de Fátima Church (Castelo Arautos do Evangelho) -a monastery with a different construction from everything you’ll see in the city – located about 5km from the beach.
  • On the beach it is possible to practice sports like surfing and stand up paddle. At the beach you can rent surfboards.
  • You can not miss the opportunity to slip on the huge waterslide. More information here
  • Another option that you will surely find in Maranduba in the high season is schooner tours to Bonete beach (Praia do Bonete). During the tour you also have the opportunity to take a dip in the open sea.


Photo gallery

How to get there

Nearby beaches

  • Praia da Lagoinha
  • Praia do Sapê
  • Praia da Caçandoca
  • Praia da Caçandoquinha

Picinguaba Beach

Picinguaba Beach (Praia da Picinguaba) is an old fishermen’s village, a Historical Patrimony which can not be changed.

Local fishermen still keep houses, canoes and fishing artifacts with their original features.

Calm waters, point of departure and arrival of boats, surrounded by islands.

Its dark sand makes a perfect match to the calm emerald-green sea.

When visiting the village, take the opportunity to try fresh fish and seafood, like mussels and scallops, grown by the local fishermen.

In Picinguaba we find good inns, bars and restaurants.

The Picinguaba Beach is part of the Picinguaba Nucleus (Núcleo Picinguaba), Serra do Mar State Park (Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar) – ecosystems protection entity.


Inns, hotels and other lodgin

Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Photo gallery


How to get there

Latitude -23.3763, Longitude -44.8389

Nearby beaches

Prumirim Beach

Prumirim Beach (Praia do Prumirim) is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ubatuba.

It has thick yellowish sand with approximately 1000 meters of extension, and in some points is good for surfing.

It’s a quiet beach most of the year.

On the right side where the Prumirim River flows the sea the sea is more agitated, with strong waves. The left corner has huge rocks and has a calm sea.

Excellent tour for those who enjoy the preserved nature and the meeting of the Atlantic Forest with the sea.


Tourism infrastructure

  • It has some restaurants and kiosks by the beach
  • There are some inns on Prumirim beach, as well as some chalets and campgrounds.
  • In the condominium we find many houses for season rentals.


Inns, hotels and lodging

Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • Right in front of the beach you can see the paradisiacal Prumirim Island (Ilha do Prumirim), tourist point that receives many schooners and is very popular for diving. In the right corner of the beach you will usually find boats that will take you to the island, and if you are lucky, you may even see dolphins and turtles.
  • With access by the Rio Santos road it is also worth visiting the Prumirim Waterfall (Cachoeira do Prumirim).
  • In the hinterland of Prumirim (Sertão do Prumirim) there is the Guarani Indigenous Village (Aldeia Indígena Guarani), with access by trail; the visitation is controlled and it is necessary the accompaniment of an accredited monitor.


Photo gallery




How to get there

The entrance is through the condominium, with parking near the beach, or entering through right side towards the campsite.

Latitude -23.3796, Longitude -44.9571

Nearby beaches

Puruba Beach

The Puruba Beach (Praia do Puruba) is a tumble beach with about 1500 meters and fine and soft white sands, calm sea and with surroundings wooded.

The confluence of the waters of Puruba and Quirim rivers makes this beach special, very appropriate for a bath.

To reach the beach, you must cross the Puruba River. There you will find boats ready to take you on the beach (the local boatmen charge a fee for transport).

There is a caiçara ( local people ) village in the area, which maintains its customs such as artisanal fishing, dances and religious festivals.

In the village there are a chapel, school, houses and bars.

It has some simple inns, campsites, bars and restaurants that open in the high season.


Inns, hotels and other lodging

Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Photo gallery


How to get there

The access is by km 34 of BR 101 road, and more 2 km until you get to the village. Then it is necessary to cross the river with local boatmen or follow a trail close to km 35.

Latitude -23.3551, Longitude -44.9365

Nearby beaches

Tenório Beach

Tenório Beach (Praia do Tenório) has a privileged location: between Grande Beach (Praia Grande) and Vermelha do Centro Beach (Praia Vermelha do Centro).

It is a very popular beach for surfing. From Praia do Tenório you can walk to the beaches nearby.

In addition, it is located at a point of easy access to all the commercial and tourist center of Itaguá and the Center of Ubatuba.

The sand is thin and the sea is choppy, with currents that at some points can be dangerous, but it has a lifeguard tower.

Tenório beach has 500 meters, ideal for walking.

Está localizada dentro de um condomínio de livre acesso e é uma praia que costuma ficas bem cheia na alta temporada e feriados, recomenda-se chegar cedo.


Tourism infrastructure

  • Good commercial structure near the beach, some inns and also some houses and apartments for rent.
  • It has kiosks.
  • It has several parking spots with blue zone.


Inns, hotels and other lodging

Tenório beach has several lodging options. Naturam indicates the establishments below:


Things to do

  • On the beach there are some kiosks serving drinks, seafood and snacks, which add to the pleasant look of a familiar beach.


Photo gallery



How to get there

The entrance to be made by the condominium (free passage for pedestrians only) or more to the left corner of the beach in the last entrance before the Vermelha do Centro beach.

Latitude -23.4649, Longitude -45.0562

Nearby beaches

Vermelha do Centro Beach

The Urban Red Beach (Praia Vermelha do Centro), also known as “Vermelhinha”, it is a tumble beach, appropriate for surfing, located on the right side of Tenório beach (Praia do Tenório).

With great waves the beach is much sought after by the surfers – the waves break strong until the beginning of the beach, which presents danger for inexperienced bathers and children.

It has thick, loose sand with many shells, rocky shorelines on both sides.

The beach is quite frequented by young people of the city, has a bar and some rustic kiosks.

Sometimes has luaus in the hot summer nights.


Inns, hotels and other lodging

Vermelha do Centro beach has several lodging options. Naturam indicates the establishments below:



Photo gallery


How to get there

At the entrance of the condominium of Praia do Tenório take road to the left, after about 1 km, after the end of the Tenório, there are several accesses to the Red Beach and parking spots.

Latitude -23.4637, Longitude -45.0490

Nearby beaches

Vermelha do Norte Beach

The Northern Red Beach (Praia Vermelha do Norte) of Ubatuba is just over 7 km from the center of Ubatuba, towards Paraty and the unspoiled beaches in the north.

Tumble beach, thick sands and excellent waves for surfing, being one of the most sought after for this sport.

It is at the edge of the highway, having easy access and easy parking.



The beach has no lodging facilities.
But we indicated some establishments very close to the beach:


Thigs to do

Besides the excellent waves, it has one of the most frequented ballads of Ubatuba, the nightclub Areia Summer (former Red Beach Ubatuba).

Photo gallery


How to get there

The eazy access is by km 40 of BR 101 road.

Latitude -23.4170, Longitude -45.0362

Nearby beaches

  • Praia do Alto
  • Saco da Mãe Maria

Big Beach Anchieta Island

The Big Beach (Praia Grande) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Ancheita) has a very calm sea, suitable for boats.

For those who enjoy tranquility in contact with the nature of the Atlantic Forest.

Clear sands, transparent waters.


Photo gallery


East Beach – Anchieta Island

The East Beach (Praia do Leste) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is a small beach, and like all of the Island, it has clear waters and is surrounded by nature.

Excellent for bathing, diving and enjoying moments of peace and tranquility.

Access can be by boat or through trails that leave Praia Grande (Big Beach) and Praia do Presídio (Presídio Beach).


Photo gallery

Localization map

Presídio Beach – Anchieta Island

At Presídio Beach (Praia do Presídio) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta), there is the landing pier of most of the schooner trips that arrive for the visits to the Anchieta Island State Park.

It is on this beach that there is the Visitor Center and the famous Ruins of the Prison, which are the facilities of the Old Penal Colony, which was deactivated in 1955 after one of the biggest prison revolts that Brazil knew.


Administrative Headquarters



  • Days and hours of operation: from Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm.
    Closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.


Photo gallery

Localization map

South Beach – Anchieta Island

The South Beach (Praia do Sul) on Anchieta Island (Ilha Anchieta) is very popular with tourists because of its clear waters and always with great visibility, which favors diving, snorkeling and contemplation of nature by ecological tourism enthusiasts.

The visits to the Island are usually made in Schooner Tours that normally leave the pier of Saco da Ribeira and Itaguá.

The entire island is preserved by state laws through the Anchieta Island State Park (PEIA), so hunting and fishing is strictly prohibited.

From South Beach (Praia do Sul), there is a trail leading to Presidio Beach (Praia do Presídio).


Photo gallery

Localization map

Saveiros Hotel

Saveiros Hotel - Lazaro Beach Ubatuba photo

Lázaro Beach (Praia do Lázaro) – Ubatuba

The Saveiros Hotel offers the best in comfort and tranquility.

Verified tradition in its rustic and pleasant surroundings, giving rise to a memorable stay.

Our accommodations have been recently refurbished to provide you with a great experience of comfort and well-being, totally suitable for families.

Take a vacation to stress, here is your place! All you can find in a good beach hotel is at Saveiros – comfortable and complete suites and conjugated, two pools with bar and snacks, restaurant, game room, play ground and many attractions.


Structure of apartments

  • LED TV 24”
  • DVD (movies available at the front desk)
  • Hair dryer
  • Air conditioning
  • Phone
  • Minibar
  • Full breakfast

Leisure and Services

  • Swimming pools on the ground floor, adult and children – children’s pool with water slide
  • Swimming pool with terrace on the top floor
  • Tables with umbrellas and sun loungers in the pools
  • Pool bar with snacks, portions and drinks
  • Towels provided to pool
  • Game Room, Playground and 50 “LED TV Room with Cable Channels
  • Restaurant with à la carte services, half board or full board


Photo Gallery


For more photos, information and reservations

Fill out the form below or visit the hotel’s website to find the best value, without intermediaries:

Contact Saveiros Hotel

Localization map

Pousada Morada da Praia

Morada da Praia Inn - Big Beach Ubatuba photo

Praia Grande – Ubatuba

Pousada Morada da Praia, uma pousada completa a poucos metros de uma das mais badaladas praias de Ubatuba, a Praia Grande.

Atendimento diferenciado, piscina, acomodações confortáveis e um ótimo café da manhã.

Queremos que você e sua família fiquem bem a vontade aqui na Pousada Morada da Praia. Por isso nossa infraestrutura foi toda planejada pensando em seu conforto.



  • Cama tipo box americana
  • TV LCD a cabo
  • Ar condicionado
  • Ventilador de teto
  • Interfone
  • Frigobar
  • Varanda
  • Banheiro privativo

Lazer e Serviços

  • Café da manhã
  • Piscina com cascata
  • Acesso a internet wireless de alta velocidade
  • Serviço de camareira
  • Roupa de cama e banho
  • Toalhas para piscina
  • Estacionamento privativo com serviço de segurança




Para mais fotos, informações e reservas

Preencha o formulário abaixo ou acesse o site do hotel para obter o melhor custo/benefício, sem intermediários:

Entre em contato com a Pousada Morada da Praia

Mapa de Localização

Kaliman Inn

Kaliman Inn - Lagoinha Beach Ubatuba photo

Sape Beach (Praia do Sape) – Ubatuba

Privileged location on Sapé Beach between Lagoinha and Maranduba beaches, in front of Pontal Island in calm and crystalline waters.

The proximity of the Atlantic Forest offers ecological tours such as trails, waterfalls, exotic bird watching, Lagoinha Ruins, indigenous reserves and the Núcleo Picinguaba (State Hill of the Sea, flour house, quilombola community).

Schooners lead to historical tours such as Anchieta Island and other lush islands; and be sure to visit the Tamar Project and Ubatuba Aquarium.



  • Apartments for couples with and without sea view
  • VIP Apartments
  • Triple apartments with and without sea view
  • Quadruple apartments
  • Connecting apartments

Advantages of the hostel

  • Pousada foot in the sand
  • Restaurant
  • Heated swimming pool
  • Mini Fitness Space
  • Play area
  • We do not charge service fee 10%

For more photos, information and reservations

Access the hotel’s website to get the best value for money, without intermediaries:


Contact Kaliman Inn

Localization map

Itamambuca Eco Resort

Itamambuca Eco Resort - Ubatuba photo

Itamambuca Beach (Praia de Itamambuca) – Ubatuba

In a 30,000 m² built area, the resort has 76 accommodations, divided into three categories of apartments: Master, Bungalow and Luxury. All apartments have balconies facing the ecological reserve and beach-themed décor with local handicrafts.

For those who prefer camping, there is also the area intended for camping, both for the assembly of tents as there is the masonry area.

The Resort has several leisure options with teams of recreation that organize the programming to provide the well-being of the adult and child guests.

Ecological trails, kayaking on the Itamambuca River, championships, tennis games, interactive games, are part of the daily life of those who stay at the resort.



Itamambuca Eco Resort offers a unique infrastructure, combining all the charm and simplicity typical of the beach, with services and accommodations that cherish the refinement and the high professionalism with its architecture – worked with reforestation wood, bamboo and glass – gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and proximity to nature.



  • Sports court
  • Tennis court
  • Pools
  • Playground
  • Fitness Center
  • Playroom
  • Sauna
  • TV room
  • Kiosks with barbecue
  • Restaurants
  • Snack bar
  • Mini market
  • Boutique
  • Space Zein
  • Eco Leisure
  • Air-conditioned in common areas
  • SPA


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Farol do Itaguá Inn

Farol do Itaguá Inn - Itagua Beach Ubatuba photo

Itaguá Beach (Praia do Itaguá) – Ubatuba

Located in Ubatuba, Itaguá Beach, the Farol do Itaguá Inn, has 19 fully equipped apartments, adult and children’s pool, games room, and breakfast.

We have a wonderful pool, internet service (WI-FI), exclusive parking for our guests, we are 2 blocks from the beach, close to the mall and downtown.

The rooms have private bathrooms, bed and bath linen, TV, air conditioning, minibar and queen size bed.



  • Air conditioning
  • Fan
  • Minibar
  • cable TV
  • Safe box
  • Balcony
  • Hair dryer

Leisure and Services

  • Own parking
  • Breakfast
  • WIFI
  • Housekeeping services
  • Swimming pool
  • Playroom

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Enseada dos Búzios Inn

Enseada dos Búzios Inn - Enseada Beach Ubatuba photo

Enseada Beach (Praia da Enseada) – Ubatuba

The Enseada dos Búzios Inn between sea and mountain is located 70 mts from Enseada beach; one of the most beautiful and quiet of the north coast.

It has 8 apartments and offers bar service, snacks and fast food, room service and social area with, large garden, barbecue, adult and children’s pool, TV and reading room, mother’s cup and parking closed in a climate of cordiality and relaxation.



  • Air conditioning
  • Phone
  • Minibar
  • Ceiling fan
  • TV


Leisure and Services

  • Own parking
  • Breakfast
  • Bar and Snacks
  • Adult and Child Pool with bar service, snacks and portions
  • Beach equipment provided included in the daily rate
  • WIFI
  • Room service
  • Bar and snack services in the rooms
  • TV and reading room
  • Mom’s cup
  • Barbecue grill

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