UBATUBA in São Paulo – Brazil, has more than 100 beaches and 80% of preserved Atlantic Forest.

The city has hundreds of Inns, Hotels and other Lodging and excellent Restaurants.

Many attractions such as Schooner Tours, Ubatuba Aquarium, Tamar Project Base, and many Nature Walks and Trails.

Ubatuba Beaches

Ubatuba presents some of the most beautiful beaches of the brazilian coast, with a great variety of types that please all tastes. Excellent beaches to go with the family, some deserted or isolated, others are excellent for various types of sports such as Surf, Stan Up Paddle, Skimboard, Nautical Sports, Diving and Fishing, as well as beaches with more movement, fencing with kiosks or bars on the seafront. Click here to see the list of all beaches, each one with photos, tips, videos, inns and hotels where to eat, tours, maps and how to get there.

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Inns, Hotels and Other Lodging

Here you will find our suggestions for some of the excellent lodging of the city: Inns, Hotels, Chalets, Hostels and all types of Lodging. There are over 200 selected lodgings, with pages with photos, information and contact for reservations.

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Tours / Things to do

See below the many tours that Ubatuba offers to its tourists: are nature walks (trakkings), city tours, cultural and historical tours, bars with live music and dace clubs, all with photos, location, contact, how to get there and many tips! Special highlight for SCHOONER TOURS.

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Ubatuba has been consolidating as one of the main destinations of Gastronomic Routes of the Brazilian. There are several and varied high quality restaurants with the best in caiçara, Brazilian and international cuisine. We started with 4 excellent restaurants, but there is so much more, check it out!

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How to get to Ubatuba